Fast and reliable service. I love Express Hunting Solutions.

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Jones T.

I am new customer and have bought some stuff from your company. I just wanted to say that my experience was excellent! I spoke to a few customers support people, and technical guys, and they were all helpful. Seldom do I find a company that will spend extra time to answer questions. Thank you very much and you will be highly recommended! To the customer service people, randomly answering the phone, I would like to say you all are exceptional.
Thank you!

Arnold S.

Lenny – I’m 48 and have been an avid shooter for almost 40 years including probably over a million small and medium caliber rounds in the military. It took me 1 years to get a Glock ammo and I’ve bought two now. I have really enjoyed using your videos to make various upgrades on my own. It’s become a nice little hobby for me. Thanks for the fun!

MIckel J.

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