Easton 6.5mm Bowhunter Fletched Arrows


Pack Qty: 6



6.5mm Bowhunter Fletched Arrows

  • High-strength USA made ACU-Carbon with uniform spine technology
  • Factory fletched with Easton’s ultra-stiff high profile 2″ Bully Vanes
  • Pre-Installed Microlite nocks are lightweight and indexable
  • Includes CB inserts (compatible with 6.5 Inserts sold separately)
  • Straightness:  +/- 0.006″
  • Weight: 340 spine, 9.3 gpi | 400 spine, 8.4 gpi | 500 spine, 7.3 gpi
  • Sold in a 6 pack

            Notice: Factory installed nocks & fletching may vary in color from what is pictured


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